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“As at today’s date, 11th December 2009, I have been working with Gabby for 6 months. I started as a very overweight under exercised older (50+) lady who was very sceptical about exercising. In this time Gabby has utilised motivational skills to keep me going even on days when I thought I had no energy. The exercise programmes Gabby has devised for me have been varied and while challenging at no time have I felt over powered. Gabby has a very friendly easy going nature while still watching your form and correcting bad habits. She has provided lots of interesting facts and information to assist in tackling a healthier lifestyle.
While still overweigh – this is no reflection on Gabby just my love of food – I now feel healthier and certainly fitter. I have dropped in size and in weight and find exercise is not such a foreign object but that with guidance and encouragement something which can be tackled regularly.
To anyone working with Gabby in the future she will bring a smiling face to the session, plenty for you to do which will pass much quicker than the hour long you thought you had signed up for.”
by Karen

Pilates & Restorative Yoga

Yoga is not a religion, but a philosophical lifestyle. Our modern way of living allows little room for the practical application of yoga in day to day life but it does provide us the opportunity to connect our spirit with our mind and body. With over 15 years experience in Yoga and 8 years experience in Pilates, I extract the best disciplines of Yoga and Pilates practice to provide my clients with the movements and positions that will enhance their emotional and physical health. Sessions can involve connecting the mind and body on a deeper level through breath, movement and positions or stretches. Clients develop strength, balance and better ailment of their body. Movements and positions can also help unblock energy channels, strengthen core muscles and improve posture. Restorative Yoga or Pilates can also be used to complement other types of therapies or manage chronic ailments that may be painful or have other undesirable symptoms. Using movement of the body in a more mindful way can enable the mind and body to work in a more harmonious way and this can help one establish more peace, happiness and clarity in their everyday life and between themselves and their body. Sessions can be as energetic or slow and relaxing as you like. The slower and calmer a session is, the more restorative it is thus enabling you to deal with the day to day stresses in a much more effective way. I am based in Brentwood but teach in and around the surrounding areas. I prefer to give all my attention to one person at a time but can teach small groups. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me.


Yoga & Pilates Sessions lasting 1 hour £30

Personalised Pilates or Restorative Yoga Prescription in paper format £35