Where Is The Care?

July 18, 2015

I delighted in meeting Katie Warren when I was going about my business in Brentwood on a normal Saturday morning. We both felt it was meant to happen – our paths WERE meant to cross. We have maintained contact since and keep in touch to speak about the direction and developments of ‘Where Is The Care.’ I also (when time allows!) share articles for her to pass onto service users that empowers them to support their own health and well being as much as their circumstances allow. Soon after I met Katie, she asked me to provide a paragraph of support for the work that she and her supporters are trying to do. I thought I’d share my thoughts on this below:

Paragraph of support

Speaking from my professional experience working in both the private and public health care sector, I am in complete support of the objectives and motivations of Where Is The Care. It is vital that the health care sector starts to be driven by people that have a passion for loving and serving others and not those who are drawn to the profession due to salary, need of a job or desire to seek control over the lives of others. Many authorities are failing to protect the well being of those that depend on the services of the care sector. Therefore, Where Is The Care’s work, and other organisations like it are vital if we are to change the lives of those that depend on the care sector and in order to maintain or improve dignity in care. I long to see a society that values the disabled and dependent as much as the independent and fit.

To find out more about the events and work of Where Is The Care, please see: http://www.whereisthecare.co.uk/ Katie is eager to hear your experience of the care industry too.

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