Weight-loss Hypnotherapy

December 19, 2012

Are you a healthy weight? Do you know which category you fall into on a BMI chart? What is your body fat ratio? Are you an apple, pear or ruler?

For many of my weight-loss clients, hypnotherapy has been highly effective. Successful weight-loss is more likely to be achieved if:

1. The person really wants to lose weight and is ready to change
2. The person is prepared to learn new things
3. The practitioner takes a holistic and person-centered approach.

The trouble is that most practitioners involved in this area don’t take a holistic approach, perhaps because of professional restrictions (e.g. a dietician cannot simultaneously work as a psychologist) or is without the range of qualifications relevant to weight-loss. Trying to successfully work with clients or patients who have the aim of losing weight, is highly unlikely to be successful in the long term without the practitioners knowledge of accurate nutrition information and an awareness of the role and power of the subconscious mind.

The goal of the ethical practitioner should always be to provide the client with the tools that they will need to help them in their present situation and future. Empowering clients is essential so that they can help themselves in the long run and this also minimises their risk of relapse, in this case, putting all that weight back on! This is exactly against the desires of the diet industry who want us to need them for life and keep spending money on their products and services.

Hypnotherapy for weight-loss at Mind Health Movement provides the client with a full nutritional analysis and hypnosis, so that clients are given the nutritional knowledge that will help them in the future to come. Their medical history, conditions, symptoms and life-style are all taken into account along with all of the relevant psychological information for hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy for weight-loss can be highly effective but I would recommend (and of course I am bias), that you seek a therapist that is additionally qualified in nutrition so your money is better spent!

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