The artificial world

September 21, 2011

Something that really makes me angry are those items and products that are not designed to solve a problem, but instead keep us reliant on them. This relates to a great number of products on the consumer market . What about the products that are designed to break after a period of time, usually working for long enough to get us hooked, want another one, often the same make, but a newer, more expensive model. But the area that upsets me the most is the drug and food industry. Yes upsets me because this often keeps us chronically dependent on drugs and suffering from the same problem for the rest of our life. An example of this are painkillers which a lot of people take for a “dodgy” back. This masks the pain until it flares up again, so we pop a pill and the vicious circle starts and continues. Invest some time and/or money by learning how to condition your core and use techniques to rehabilitate your back and core muscles and you may find your knocking back the pills or waiting in the doctors waiting room (for the same problem), a lot less. What do I know, I’m in my 20′s – I surely haven’t got aches and pains at my age. Well I first damaged my back at the age of 16 and continued suffering from back pain for a number of years. I have also worked in care homes and seen people living in great distress because before it was too late, they were never prescribed the right nutrition, exercise and rehabilitation programme to help ease them to problem naturally. As a result, they have become dreadfully miserable, heavily sedated and unbearably constipated. Ah and then the laxative industry starts rubbing it’s hands together, yet another person to depend on laxatives and buy their product. The person taking laxatives don’t get a solved result either. This is because laxatives don’t solve the issue and reasons for constipation (and never will because the poor elderly man or woman is dependent on painkillers anyway), laxatives merely make the digestive system and natural motions of the bowel lazy – if they can let a drug do the hard work, they will. And anyway, laxatives don’t give a nice daily, comfortable bowel motion (as nature does), they call on you when your least expecting, often dually timed with not being anywhere near a toilet (let alone a private one), and this (and more, but I won’t put you off your food now), can be most unpleasant.

Here’s one more example of us being ripped off. Sadly those of my clients who contact me for weight loss have previously often felt extremely let down and disappointed by the weight-loss product industry. So when did people start going on diets? Funnily enough it co-insides with when all the diet and diet related products started coming on the scene. “Hooray,” the human race thought, “We humans are so clever we have invented a way to solve our over-weight issues, and all we have to do is pop to our local supermarket and buy and eat more food!” Sadly this didn’t turn out to be the case and resulted in people eating a very unnaturally small amount, of ‘alien to the body’ calories, playing havoc with the metabolisms of millions and perhaps after initially losing some weight, piling it all back on (and often more!). So here’s where this particular vicious circle starts: we head to the shops and start the same diet all over again (or perhaps a different brand, gullibly believing this one will work).

In a nut shell a moral of this rant is: take control of your life and your body, think ‘hunter-gatherer’ times and don’t be fooled by the artificial world around us. Uncover the root of the problem, and it may be in your subconscious mind, and work out an action plan from there, with advice, knowledge, effort and a willingness to change.

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