Take Control

June 8, 2012

We have all inherited genetic mutations from our parents but it doesn’t mean the genetic mutation we have inherited will definitely affect our physical and mental performance, cause disease or impact longevity, but it could. I could do everything in my power to try and not suffer the same fate as my great grandparents, yet still get dementia all the same. But I’d rather inherit it, in the knowledge that I tried to prevent it and took responsibility for my health at an earlier stage of life. All the efforts I make could also slow the onset of the condition and improve my quality of life in the mean time and even after diagnosis.

What IS more likely to impact mutations inherited in genetic make up, is the way we live our lives from day one. Our life-style, what we put inside our body, what we put on the outside of our body, how we move, the air we breathe ALL influence our genetic makeup and can cause genetic mutations that we weren‘t born with, that result in ill-health, disease and a decreased life-expectancy. Study and be aware of your family medical history so you can take steps to either not suffer the same ill-health, delay the onset of the condition or when diagnosed with a condition, better manage it.

How we go about nourishing the mind and body is essential to our vitality and wellbeing. Although we lack control over pollution exposure and other aspects of the urbanised life-style, it doesn’t mean we have to all give up on ourselves and surrender to ill-health or lack of hope in enjoying growing older. Taking control of our health requires us to be mindful and ever learning about out amazing bodies. It about getting to know our own personal health and wellbeing. You know your body best, you know how healthy your thoughts are, you know how good it feels to breath and go about your daily tasks. It is therefore vital to educate yourself about what is best for your mind and body, just as we learn how to drive a car in a way that won‘t wear out the parts too quickly. Learning about our health via books, courses, and qualified professional can also help us explain our health better to those that are qualified to diagnose conditions. When we invest in our health a little each day, week, month and year, we are investing in our future. The human body is not a car we should wear out because 5 years down the line we can afford a new one. It is something we should value and respect, because it’s the only one we will ever get, and it was given to us for free :-)

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