Sweet Snacking

October 15, 2015

For a sweet, energising and fibre filled fix try popping one of these protein berry balls in your mouth! They are quick and easy to make, require no cooking and provide a cheap fast nutrition snack. Combine the following ingredients or adapt to your dietary requirements. I started by mixing it into a thick batter with a large spoon and then rolling each ball with my hands. It’s best to add the water very gradually and ensure you refrigerate them after. I dusted some of the batch with raw cacao power afterwards to add greater antioxidant content. If you get stuck or have a question about my choice of ingredients please feel free to contact me.

60g strawberry protein powder (organic whey, hemp or soya)
2 desert spoons linseeds
2-3 desert spoons soya bran
1 desert spoon sweet mixed spices
1 cup finely chopped mixture of dried berries, apples, apricots, dates & pineapple
Water (as needed)

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