Relax Your Face

June 8, 2016

Many of us hold physical tension and emotional stress or worry in our facial muscles. The problem areas are often the forehead thus causing tension headaches, or the jaw which may cause someone to grind their teeth at night. Some of us also tense the muscles in our face when concentrating. The muscles in our face are getting even more of a workout when we are chatting, eating or experiencing strong emotions that result in laughter or tears.

Anyone can make a conscious effort to relax their face from time to time and when circumstances allow (it wouldn’t be appropriate to have a disengaged look on your face when talking to another person would it?!) I’ve found an even better way to relax your face that additionally benefits your skin and that’s with a facemask. Now I am certainly not vein, but seeing as the skin is the largest organ of the body it therefore has the greatest surface area which is capable of absorbing anything put on it. So mix up the ingredients below, smother it all over your face and let your skin absorb the goodness within each food.

Homemade facemask:
Natural yoghurt (to moisturise)
Cucumber (to cool and refresh)
Gram flour (antibacterial and anti-fungal)
Lavender essential oil (antioxidant and healing properties)

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