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“”I have been training with Gabby since 1 May 2009. She is professional, unfailingly patient and takes particular care to ensure that each exercise is performed with correct form and at an appropriate speed. My flexibility has improved noticeably over the period and she has me doing some exercises that I never thought I would be able to do.

“Over the years I have worked with quite a few Personal Trainers. Gabby stands out as particulalry good at motivating and encouraging me. She is always punctual. Her programmes are changed regularly and are specific to my goals rather than a having a generic one-size-fits-all programme for all clients.””
by Rona

Personal Training & Rehabilitation

Personal Training

I conduct a detailed assessment to create an exercise and movement regime that suits you and your health needs and limitations. I specialise in chronic conditions, core strength and women’s health. I am additionally qualified to train pregnant and post-natal women. I use a range of training techniques including yoga, pilates, resistance, activation and release to help you look and feel healthier inside and out, ease pain, loosen joints and improve flexibility. What makes training with me different is that I have training and experience in physiotherapy and chronic medical conditions. I am also aided by my qualifications in psychology and knowledge of the subconscious interactive processes in the body. My approach is strictly about health, well-being and balance. If you want to feel like you’ve been hit by a sledge hammer after your session, then I suggest you join a boot camp. My clients feel better once they have seen me and finish their routines feeling invigorated, healthier and relaxed. To find out more contact me.


Clients experiencing movement problems come to me for numerous reasons. I have helped clients who have been victims of stroke, brain damage and various traumas to the body. Clients come to see me with dystonia, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, degenerative joints, back ailments and various other conditions that cause movement and pain problems. One of the areas I have specialist knowledge in is core strength and activation as a result of working extensively with pre and post-natal clients. My approach when working with clients for rehabilitation is holistic and I also look at how movement psychology, posture awareness and nutrition are contributing to their problem. For more information contact me. Here’s what a recent client says:

“I started seeing Gabby about a year ago for help in building
my core stability, improve my stability/flexibility and also to gain
nutritional advice regarding my every day diet. Whilst seeing Gabby I had
already been seeing a physiotherapist for sciatica and flexibility issues as I suffer degenerated discs in the base of the spine and some arthritis. Working alongside the treatment the physiotherapist was doing each week to me, Gabby prepared personalised exercise plans, adapting them whilst I was seeing her as I improved and became more capable of different exercises. The improvement in my core strength and stability has been brilliant and has been commented on by the physiotherapist, my sciatica has gone due to both treatments and the improvement in the strength of the muscles supporting the spine will hopefully reduce the chances of getting sciatica again. Gabby has been very supportive, professional, helpful and encouraging and has given me a newfound confidence and knowledge in being able to undertake exercise and improve my diet to help support my body for the future.” (Jane, age 48 North Weald)


Initial Consultation and Assessment: £30
1 hour Personal Training Appointment within a 7 mile radius: £35*
Block of 8 Personal Training with Nutrition Coaching & Analysis: £240
Personalised Exercise Programme to take away! £35
Body Fat Percentage Analysis £20

*Payment is taken in advance of first session.