On Phoenix FM with Soft Tissue Therapist

September 30, 2011

I like to try new things and take myself out of my comfort zone as I am the kind of person that strives to learn more, achieve new things and gain more skills and qualifications. In the past I have been able to get stuck into routines and wanting to try new things, but not having the confidence to do so. I have also had a huge fear of public speaking ever since I can remember and this is the area of my self-esteem that I am currently working on. So when I got the opportunity to try presenting the Drive show on Phoenix 98FM, a local community radio station for Brentwood and Billericay I thought I should go for it! I am now 3 weeks into my show and really enjoying it. I am trying to inspire the local community to take care of themselves emotionally and physically, help them feel better with great music and motivate them. Radio can be a life line to those who live alone or don’t have time to sit in front of a television.

Presenting on the show gives me the perfect excuse to interview guests, so soon after starting my show I had to have body work therapist, Neil Meekings, in to talk about the latest techniques in the world of Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. Neil has a practice in Crown Street and works with athletes training for 2012. He offers my clients a Structural Analysis free of charge which so he can feed back his findings to me. Undoubtedly I do a thorough assessment for my clients at their initial consultation but it is invaluable to get a second opinion from Neil particularly because of his diverse background and experience in elite sport and complimentary therapy. Also, Neil holds different types of qualifications to myself.

During this discussion, Neil helps the listener understand what Fascia is using a clear metaphorical description. Fascia is a layer of fibrous tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves, holding them together. Insignificant to health and fitness? Not at all and the importance of Fascia tissue has been widely ignored up until relatively recently. Click below to listen to my discussion with Neil, it begins about 10 minutes into the recording.


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