August 5, 2011

Incase you didn’t already know, a BIG part of what Mind Health Movement does is to provide nutritional advice, analysis and therapy. I am currently reading a fascinating book called ‘Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs,’ by Patrick Holford first published in 2007 but newly released for the Kindle in 2011. This book basically agrees with the belief I have been relentlessly harping on about for a number of years now about the importance of food and how it affects the way we feel and what we may, or may not, suffer from.

Five years ago I went to a talk by author Chris Woollams. When his daughter was 26 she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After a lot of research he helped her change her diet and life-style and this dramatically increased her life expectancy and, if my memory is correct, she got the all clear. But once feeling well again and feeling as a “normal” 26 year old should, she went back to her pre-cancerous diet and life-style and subsequently the tumour came back and she died. Chris says, “Depending on our age, diet and life-style, our bodies make between 200 and 1,000 cancer or pre-cancerous cells every. The statistics show that cancer will affect one in 3 of us.”

Our bodies operate by numerous chemical reactions and if these are not in balance or out of sync we become ill or chronically ill. I speak for myself who has suffered from chronic anxiety more years than I can remember. Actually learning that chronic anxiety produces an unhealthy amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body which can then lead onto numerous other diseases has made me release that I need to do something about it now otherwise I might as well be the smoker that says, “Well I’ve been smoking 20 years and I’m still going strong.” I am now addressing this by using mind, body and nutritional therapy and I am feeling better than I have felt for 5 years over a continuous period of time.

A few months ago I became an independent distributor of Forever living products as many of their products are based on natural nutrition, sourced from the Aloe Barbadensis plant and have worked for people where conventional medicine has failed. Forever personal care products are also free of carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) and carcinogens are a topic Chris Woollams goes into great detail about in his books.

On a final note. I am sure that there is no way we can rid our lives of toxins all together, after all we’re surrounded by pollution, mobile phones, microwaves etc. But we can at least reduce our chances of suffering ill health be it chronic disease, auto-immune disorders, viruses and mental health issues. Paying taxes isn’t in our control but the majority of our health is.

Well done for all the healthy things you do in your life and don’t let anyone undermine your efforts J

Gabriella Clarke


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  1. Kay says:

    So true Gabby, after years of trawling back and forth to the drs my problem turns out to be food related. Coeliac disease an autoimmune disease that affects 1 in 100 people. Coeliac means that my body cannot process gluten which is pretty much in everything we eat in modern society. Since being on a gluten free diet I feel so much better!

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