Nutritional Therapy

During these appointments you can increase your knowledge about the nutrition inside the foods you eat. You will be provided with examples of foods that may help you look and feel better. Tests and analysis of your health and diet may flag up foods that are causing you intestinal problems, poor gut health or failure to absorb and utilise the nutrients you are consuming. Cleaning up your diet can reduce LDL cholesterol levels, fat stored around the midriff, cellulite and provide more energy with a more positive and productive mindset. You can also influence your hormones and genetics with the foods you eat and the way in which you consume them. Some of my clients have reduced or eliminated symptoms of an ailment by adjusting their diet accordingly. You can learn more about this during your appointments. Each appointment aims to support clients the whole way through their journey of discovering more about the nourishment that their body can thrive from. I try to make learning as enjoyable as possible and aim to empower clients with the knowledge and help they require. My experience includes extensive study and training in nutrition, analysis and nutritional therapy. I have worked alongside Nutritionists and Dieticians on some of the busiest medical wards in Essex. I have closely worked with an Endocrinologist and this has influenced me to approach each client’s nutritional background with consideration to the hormonal system and functioning of the pituitary gland and thyroid. My clients also benefit from my study and qualifications in Psychology and role of food psychology in our everyday lives. Drawing all of this together it could be said that my approach to nutrition is a holistic one. To find out more contact me.

Nutrition Analysis

A Nutritional Analysis is a step by step process. The consultation involves meeting face-to-face or by telephone where I will ask details about your medical history and your health and nutritional goals. I will conduct an initial assessment of your current health status and your realistic goals that may be achieved via nutritional means. You will then be given a nutritional goal sheet, questionnaire and food diary. If you get stuck filling out any of the information I ask for I will help you so you are always free to phone me. Once you have completed your nutritional goal sheet and questionnaire I will ask you to send these back to me so I can begin my analysis and the same to be done upon completion of the food diary. Once I have analysed and assessed your current diet and the symptoms it creates within yourself and your life, I will give you snack and meal suggestions. You will also received any nutritional knowledge that I feel is relevant and useful for your personal health. This means you can better nourish your body yourself once you have finished seeing me. If you have a particular goal to achieve you may need to see me for a longer period of time than if you just want to learn how to eat healthier and what the latest evidence in the world of independent nutrition suggests. I base my diet plans on all the things mother earth has naturally given to us. I will not try and sell you a bar, shake or supplement of any shape or form. I may make recommendations, but providing adequate nourishment for our body, is completely achievable via real foods prepared in the right way, in the right quantities at the right time of day etc. To find out more contact me.


Nutritional Analysis & 4 day Diet Plan: £100 (includes consultation)

Nutrition Consultation Appointment: £40 (1 hour)*

Body Fat Percentage Analysis £20

Personalised Diet Plan (7 day) £40

*Available via Skype & Telephone