Neal’s Yard Remedies

Nature has so much to offer us – beautiful sight and sounds, soothing and uplifting smells, delicious tastes, fresh air and natural medicines. Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR) are derived from the natural produce of the earth and manufactured here in the UK. Products are natural, wild or organic and contain no “nasties” aka pollutants, toxins or chemicals. The Neal’s Yard ethos is to be kind to the environment that we take from and I believe that this is of crucial importance, both now and in the future as we use up more and more of the limited resources on this planet. Crucial to our well-being is connecting with nature and in using NYR we can do this on a daily basis in the comfort of our own home. I have personally used NYR to improve my mental attitude, increase relaxation, reduce tension, eliminate stress, nourish my skin and strengthen my immune system. A close friend of mine has also given me permission to share with you his results from using the products. He has increased his energy levels and improved his sleep. Aromatherapy is a natural and powerful way of improving our well-being and you will find essential oils in many of the products. Since using aromatherapy I turn to frankincense over painkillers, lavender over diazepam and the list goes on. Neal’s Yard Remedies are helping me to become the more relaxed and easy going person I want to be and also helping me cope with some chronic health problems. The range is made up of skincare, supplements, essential oils, mother and baby, gift sets and more. Please browse the full range by clicking here, and if you have any questions about the products or using them feel free to email me. You can also purchase them directly from the website and for a small fee have them delivered straight to your front door anywhere in the UK.