Myofascial Release

Myofascial release works on the basis that the myofascia connective tissue (the web that keeps everything where it is in the body), can tighten and pull posture into the wrong positions. This may answer the daily dilemma many of us face which entails a constant effort to try and sit or stand up straight! Poor posture reduces flexibility, range of movement and may cause or contribute to painful conditions. Restrictions may also cause us to breathe more shallowly and reduce the self-healing capabilities of the body. Anyone that wants to promote an alkaline state in their body should be very interested in the way they breathe and absorb oxygen. Myofascial release gently releases restrictions through applying skin on skin, sustained pressure onto the area of the body requiring treatment. As the fascia system is connected, treating one area of the body can benefit the body as a whole. Most people that come for treatment feel the change occurring as the myofascia releases. Some people also experience strong emotions during or after treatment as we often hold our emotions in certain parts of our body. This form of therapy is most helpful for those experiencing physical pain or tightness and can also improve sleep and aid rehabilitation from injury, surgery or childbirth.

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30 minutes £25.00

1 hour £40.00