Jumping Into Pictures

January 31, 2016

Do you remember that wonderful scene in Mary Poppins when Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael jump into Bert’s painting and spend time exploring his imaged place? Often Hypnotherapy involves asking the mind to imagine a place that is very special, beautiful, relaxing and safe. Somewhere where all the worries and concerns go away, somewhere free of fear and pain. Whilst most of us can do this for a certain period of time, disciplining oneself to do so can be challenging, especially in a world where we are constantly distracted by sounds, sights, thoughts and sensations. Other things can get in the way of this internal experience too such as worrying thoughts, noisy environments and persistent pain. When you can’t escape the everyday because all your holiday leave is used up, you’ve run out of money or you have a chronic condition there is a wonderful task you can do anywhere, anytime and anyway you like and that is colouring in!

I have been involved with creating a colouring book that is unique to Brentwood because it has been published by Brentwood Community Print and has been created by local people for local people. Whilst some of us are so well disciplined that we will spend our free and self-time colouring in, I’m not (perhaps due to my strong work ethic!) Thankfully I was asked to get involved with the new Colouring Café at the Brentwood Theatre which many people have already benefited from coming to! Adults from a range of backgrounds have come to relax, socialise and gain the other therapeutic benefits that the colouring in can offer. The Colouring Café has books and pens that are free to use, plays relaxing music and serves refreshments. The Colouring Café beats just catching up with someone over a coffee because here you can drink coffee, colour in and chat! It’s also a very calm, creative, safe and supportive environment to spend time in. Some of those that have attended have been surprised and delighted to find that they feel better for the rest of the day and are more productive, more at ease and less confused. Some of us, myself included, have also found that we are in less physical pain and have more energy. I also find that these benefits can continue the day after being at the Colouring Café too. The Brentwood Theatre is opening its Spot Light Bar doors to the Colouring Café every Friday from 11am to 2pm in 2016. Lets hope it continues for 2017 but in the mean time please make the most of it and see what you think and experience. All adults are welcome, alone, with a friend or with a carer. Oh the theatre is dog friendly too!

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