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“Gabby has been my Personal Trainer for about seven months now and she is undoubtedly an attribute to have in ones life.

As a busy delapidating 41yr old lawyer she has without question converted my previous cynicism and disinterest in excercise into total motivation and self control.

Her workouts are strenuous and fun in equal abundance and each session Ive enjoyed Gabbys good humour and dedication.

She balances weight training with cardio and has significantly improved my posture which was long overdue being in a sedentary job most of the time.

Personally, her leaving my life is a real loss beacuse my old body was beginning to take shape again!!

However, I have every confidence Gabby will take her skills both professional and personal to new heights benefitting any new employer fortunate to secure her.”
by Tony


Hypnobirthing aims to equip the mother-to-be with the knowledge, skills and techniques that will enable her to have the most natural birth possible. As a Hypnobirth Practitioner and Nutrition Analyst, I teach clients self-hypnosis relevant to the pregnancy and birth of their baby, relaxation and breathing techniques and I advise them on nutrition for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. Due to my qualifications in anatomy and exercise I am also in a position to provide any advice they may need with regards to this and suggest movements and stretches that may be of benefit. Some of my clients have requested personalised yoga therapy during and after pregnancy to help alleviate symptoms commonly associated with pregnancy. Diet has a dramatic impact on the health of both mother and baby and can help the mother in achieving the best tone and muscle strength needed for a good delivery. What mother eats, baby becomes and pregnant mothers can influence the genetic make-up and future health of their child by eating the right foods during pregnancy. I am able to take a holistic approach with pregnant clients by providing them will mind, body and nutritional health skills and advice. Other benefits of using Hypnosis for birthing may include:

A reduction in the duration of labour
Less, or no, medical and drug intervention
A heightened awareness of the needs of body and mind
A calmer and happier mother and child able to bond better
A reduction in post-natal depression
A more enjoyable and special birthing experience
Stress and anxiety reduction techniques that can be used for life (calmer parents equal calmer children)

If you are thinking about using Hypnobirthing, or would like to know more, then please contact me on 07533988177 or contact me here. Prices One-to-one Holistic Hypnobirthing session £45 (1 hour)