Gabby’s Top 10 Fitness and Nutrition Tips

May 29, 2012

Training Client Outside

Whatever form of exercise you chose to do, it needs to be balanced and involve all the muscles of the body, with particular attention to areas of weakness and imbalance.

Use resistance bands and stretching positions to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight ones, this will improve your posture and they are cheap to purchase!

Be conscious of the alignment of your joints when exercising.

For walkers and runners, I recommend Asics Trainers, MBTs or Vibram shoes. Try and walk on softer surfaces such as grass, tracks and gravel as much as possible & carry water.

Avoid exercising on an empty stomach, the advice that it helps burn fat is criticised by many experts as it declines performance and this will reduce over all fat loss. Fuel your body within 30 minutes of rising from bed and if you have gone 2 hours or more without food before exercise, eat a small snack such as 2 squares of chocolate and a piece of fresh fruit!

As you age your muscles slowly waste away UNLESS you challenge them with resistance exercises. Ways you can achieve this are using free-weights or dumbbells, resistance bands, kettle bells and body weight poses such as the yoga ‘downward dog.’

Fat is your friend! The importance with fat is the quality you have and the daily mix of different types of fat consumed. Most people consume too many saturated fats and your body will store fat without the presence of essential fats. Fill a jar half way with Flax seeds (Linseed), fill the remaining half with a mix of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds and sprinkle one handful over foods each day to meet your requirements.

Limit unnatural forms of sugar in your diet. Eliminate artificial sweeteners from foods. Many sweeteners have a name we do not recognise from the ingredient list. Research the names of ingredients you do not recognise to be informed what they are.

Use coconut oil or organic real butter for cooking and baking. This is a saturated fat and stays stable when heated to high temperatures. This means you can be sure it doesn’t become a trans-fat when processed. Check the ingredients list of many processed foods and make sure they are free from vegetable fat and oils if they have been heated in the manufacturing process of the food or you are going to use them in cooking.

Learning about the individual needs of our body through exercise and nutrition is endless and new research is always bubbling forth. But what we DO know is that we can learn a lot from our evolution and how our ancestors used to live before the earth became filled with pollution and depleted of nutrients. Natural movement & nutrition is vital to our health and wellbeing. I recommend ‘The Paleo Solution’ by Robb Wolf, or I can advise you further…


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