For Businesses

Happy, healthy and productive staff

Services include:

Personal Training – groups/classes & one-to-one. Optional weekly or fortnightly weigh-ins, body fat percentage testing and site measurements. Exercise prescriptions and advice for personal goals or chronic ailments.

Yoga & Pilates – groups/classes & one-to-one. Yoga and pilates routines for personal goals such as increasing core strength or flexibility and common ailments such as back pain.

Myofascial Release – one-to-one hands on treatment for physical pain and/or tightness and general relaxation. This form of therapy unlocks the mind and body via non-evasive techniques.

Nutritional Therapy & Coaching – presentations/talks, group coaching & one-to-one for ailments, nutritional goals and general health.

Counselling & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – One-to-one for personal issues & emotional problems, life-coaching for motivation & self-esteem & more serious mental health issues such as depression & anxiety disorder.*

Hypnotherapy – One-to-one. This form of talking therapy can help us cope with most problems but is particularly useful in treating habits, addictions, eating-disorders/weight-loss, depression, anxiety, phobias, self-esteem & physical problems that are linked to mental processes such as stress elevating blood pressure or contributing to muscle pain.*

*Usually services last for 50 minutes but longer and shorter sessions are also available. All information about your employees and business will be kept strictly private and confidential. However, if I have good reason to believe that someone is at risk or the law has been broken I am obliged to notify the relevant authorities/professionals.