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“I am delighted to write this testimonial for Gabby who has been my personal trainer for a year (since January 2009).

During this period, Gabby has designed a personalised training programme for me and I have attended for sessions with her on a weekly basis.

I was initially persuaded to try personal training and regular exercise by my wife in an attempt to improve my general fitness and build up the muscles that support my right knee in preparation for knee joint replacement surgery for severe osteoarthritis. My arthritis is a consequence of major surgery when I was in my teens and has resulted in significant muscle loss.

I have to admit to being rather sceptical about the value of personal training but was quickly won over by Gabby. I was particularly impressed by the time she took to analyse, think about and consult on the specific challenges of my physical limitations and restricted exercise capacity because of arthritic pain. Gabby then developed a series of exercises designed to build up the muscles in my right leg but also addressed the imbalance in of muscle development in my back and elsewhere as a consequence of my abnormal gait. With her advice, I have also changed my diet and have succeeded in significantly reducing my body fat.

Over the course of the last year, Gabby has continued to develop my exercise programme with thought and care and to support me with her very positive and encouraging manner. As a consequence of my improved fitness and muscular balance and development, I have significantly less lower back pain, less arthritic pain in my knee and no longer need to consider knee joint replacement surgery in the immediate future. The impact on my whole lifestyle and well-being has been substantial.

I am very sorry to lose Gabby as my trainer but wish her the very best for her future career back home in England and can recommend her unreservedly as a personal trainer.”
by Philip

Mind Health Movement

Word Of Mouth Networking Word Of Mouth meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month, excluding August and December, at the Slug and Lettuce in Brentwood at 10.30am. Its aim is to provide a platform for any business, retail outlet, organisation, charity or group to share their news, events and/or services. It is free to attend and if you want to just come to listen, rather than share, then that isn’t a problem. For the first 15 minutes there is informal networking. The meeting opens at 10.45am and those that want to are encouraged to speak for up to 60 seconds about their organisation or event. Once everyone that wants to pitch has done so, more informal networking continues. Anyone can attend and we’re a really friendly bunch. Come and be encourage and inspired by the energy of the meetings. Facebook page - Neal’s Yard Parties/Events: Looking for an alternative way to party that’s fun, interesting and even good for your health? Then why not host a Neal’s Yard Remedies party and invite your friends and family. Neal’s Yard Remedies manufacture safe, ethical and organic health and beauty products in the UK. They use ingredients in their products that are non-GM and have not been exposed to toxic synthetic pesticides. You provide the venue and I’ll provide the entertainment which will give you and your guests the chance to sample gorgeous products and nourish yourselves! You might also learn some new health and beauty tips and try out some new things! Parties are free and you’ll receive a free travel-sized gift when you book. When you have the party, you’ll receive a free exclusive full sized product worth £19.50 if you place an order! There’s potential to make more savings by hosting a party but there is absolutely no pressure for you or your friends to buy anything at all. It’s about enjoying yourselves, having fun and learning some new things! Contact me to find out more. or look at my Neal's Yard Website Have a Party page! Colouring Café Art is one way we can shut off from reality and connect with our inner child which is often neglected in adulthood. Whilst being creative we can benefit from the colours, textures and images we use in our work. Art is a form of therapy but it’s also a healthy activity we can come together as adults and do. At the beginning of 2016 Community Tree members launched the Colouring Café at the Brentwood Theatre. It is running every Friday from 11am to 2pm and is open to anyone that wants a good excuse to do some colouring in! The sessions are completely free and all refreshments are only £1! Come and enjoy the company of other people whilst you colour in the books in a safe and non-threatening environment. You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy it!