Easy Berry Cherry Chocolates

April 10, 2016

I am pleased to report that my first attempt at making my own chocolates, using a chocolate mould, was a success! These chocolates were so surprisingly fast and easy to make that I think even those people that don’t enjoy cooking can find making these quite fun (especially the part of eating up the remaining melted chocolate in the saucepan!) The technique will work with both dairy and vegan-friendly chocolate bars. For the dark chocolate version select a variety that has a minimum of 55% cocoa solids. If possible purchase a brand that is organic and/or fairtrade. Cocoa contains theobromine, a substance similar to caffeine minus the negative blood pressure raising effects. Cocoa also contains iron and magnesium. It’s a powerful antioxidant and helps your body detox itself . Contrary to popular belief, cocoa itself is not addictive but sugar added to it can be. The berries & cherries add more antioxidant power to the recipe to mopping up those free radicals. They also add fibre to the chocolates making them more filling and better for our digestive system. Cinnamon supports the function of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It helps control blood sugar levels, reduces sugar cravings and contains vital essential oils.

100g dark or white chocolate
Tablespoon dried mixed berries & cherries
½ teaspoon cinnamon or sweet mixed spices

1. Break up the chocolate and melt it over a low heat. If using a dark chocolate high in cocoa solids add some coconut oil to prevent it from easily burning.
2. As soon as its melted stir in the dried fruit & spices. Then spoon the mixture into the chocolate mould and use the back of a metal spoon to press it down to make sure the chocolate reaches all parts of the mould, around the berries (you are more likely to get air bubbles when using pieces of dried fruit in chocolate).
3. Allow the mixture to begin cooling at room temperature and then place the mould in the fridge or freezer until it is hard.
4. When they’re firmly set, crack and press each chocolate out of the mould.

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