Dreams Analysis

September 23, 2013

Dreaming is a way of your subconscious mind making sense of everything it absorbs each day. Your dreaming mind has access to important information that is not always readily available to your conscious mind when you are awake. Remembered dreams can give you greater insight into your thoughts, emotions and potential. Messages in dreams can indicate where your life is heading, areas of concern and things that need changing. Dreams can help guide you through difficult decisions, relationships, health problems, career options and other areas in life in which you are having difficulty. Talking about your dreams and exploring their meaning in a therapeutic and confidential setting can help you confront feelings head on and come to term with stressful experiences. Dreams can provide an source of inspiration, wisdom, joy, creativity and improve the overall health of your psychological health and well-being. Whilst attending Dreams Analysis appointments you will be asked to keep a dreams diary.


1 hour appointment £45

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