Chronic Conditions Exercise Guidelines

July 10, 2012

Consult your doctor and any other health professionals you are working with and get their opinion on the exercises or type of exercise you are planning to undertake.

Choose a form of exercise that will help you maintain the fitness level to keep up with your daily life-style and may even improve your present quality of life. Perhaps you will work on areas that are of specific importance to your daily activities and your present weaknesses.

Exercise should incorporate cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility, mobility and stability training.

You may need to adapt your personal exercise regime on a daily basis due to the intensity and range of symptoms created by your condition each day. The weather outside, the tasks of the previous day, nutrition and how well you slept the previous night will all play a part in the way you feel.

Some exercises, if you are able, should include balance training which will help maintain and may improve the strength and stability of joints, bones, muscles and ligaments. It will also improve the strength of your spine and this can help alleviate some areas of pain and reduce the risk loosing your balance.

You will find that some exercises help reduce the severity of some symptoms and may relieve areas of pain. However, some exercises and types of exercise may cause pain and risk injury so it is important to move in a way that is right for your anatomy, posture, ability and medical history.

Many natural foods have medicinal properties to them that have the potential to help you manage your condition more effectively. Again it is important to eat foods suggested to you from sources that take into account the medication you are taking, food allergies and intolerances and your medical history.

Always update your doctor or specialist on exercises and types of exercise you are participating in and any new foods you are planning to incorporate in your daily diet, even if its given to you under the guidance of a health specialist like myself.

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