Baby Massage and wellbeing

March 27, 2012

Due to the rush of the world many people have lost time for something free and simple; human touch.
The touch of another human being not only enhances our wellbeing but theirs too. On Friday 23rd March Debbie Sheppard came in to tell us all about baby massage. Debbie is a baby massage instructor. She empowers care givers and parents to effectively massage their baby to enhance the babies wellbeing and health. The symptoms of some common problems that parents or care givers have with their babies can be alleviated through baby massage (but doctors should have ruled out underlying causes and consented to appropriate massage). Parents find giving their little one a massage draws them closer to them and their bond strengthens. It is also a good way for dad to feel a part of things, especially if the mother is breast feeding or he works long hours at work. I met Debbie at the Brentwood NCT Baby Welcome which is held quarterly at the venue of a local church hall. Debbie shares some more information about baby massage here so its worth a listen if you want to know more. Our interview starts about 17 minutes into the recording. Debbie can be contacted by email: or call 07958 340635. For information on anatomy rehabilitation for the mother please feel free to call me on 07533988177 or email

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