6 Daily Habits to Improve Life and Reduce Cravings

April 13, 2017

1. SLEEP MORE - Yes you heard right, spend more time in bed, guilt free!!! 7-8 hours sleep a night is average but some people need more and others need less. Improve the quality of your sleep with amber lighting before bed, blue-light blocking glasses for evening screen time and avoiding caffeine from about 2pm. If you have the tendency to think about things that need doing whilst lying in bed, keep a note book by your bedside, write it down and then move on to a relaxing thought such a your favourite get-away destination.

2. MOVE YOUR BODY – Get out in the fresh air and get some sunlight on your skin to increase your vitamin D intake. If you can’t get outside or the weather is rubbish, open a window and do some yoga or stretching in doors.

3. FOCUS ON POSITIVE, CALM THINGS – Think about things, people and places that make you happy, laugh or bring a smile to your face. If you struggle to imagine things or visualise what’s not there in front of you then find a quiet place at home, light a candle, sit down and focus on the flame. This is a very simple and easy way to meditate.

4. BELLY BREATHE – Breathing more slowly and deeply is one of the fastest ways to relax, reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels and check in with your body and mind. As you inhale let your stomach expand and count up to 5. Exhale to the count of 5 to 7 and then repeat the process a few times.

5. PLAY & CREATE – Do something creative or fun. Try making something or drawing something. You could write a short story or play a game. Nurture the child within you and be a creator of something big or small every day – it’s what we’re designed to do!

6. LOVE – Connect with someone or something you love everyday. Phone a loved one or see them in person. Write someone a letter or email. Do something nice for someone, compliment or help them in some way. If you are on your own but have a pet, stroke them in their favourite spot or give them a treat. Giving love is not only rewarding for the recipient but for the giver too.

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