6 daily connections essential to health and well-being

July 18, 2016

1. Connection to the breath – breathe through your stomach by pushing your stomach out as you breathe in. Take smooth, deep breaths and bring your attention to your breath whenever you get the chance or remember to do so, especially in times of stress or rushing around.

2. Connection to the body – observe how your body is feeling and your energy levels. Explore the movement of the body, does it flow or are movements jerky or restricted? Are their any areas you feel unbalance in by experiencing of tightness, pain or restricted movements?

3. Connection to nature, the earth – walk outside, preferably on the earth barefoot every day if you can. Barefoot walking has been shown to improve health and well being and increase healing. We are designed to walk on the earth and not on pavements so it makes sense! Connect to nature by taking walks in woodland, meadows and parks. Connect to nature in a garden or on a balcony. Have potted plants around your home. Pictures of nature inside your home and on the background of your computer devices are also ways you can connect with nature.

4. Connection to creativity – this is a useful way of also connecting with your child self which is also important for health and wellbeing as many creative tasks involve childhood pastimes or things you began doing as a child. This can include painting, journaling (or diary writing), colouring in, playing games (both active and sedentary) colouring in, craft and music.

5. Connection to love – think about the things you love, connect to the people you love. Even if you can’t see or interact with a person you love you can always find a way to connect with them in some way, for example, by listening to their favourite piece of music or participating in a shared interest. If you can meet up with the people you love, make physical contact with them in some way even if it’s just via a handshake or touch of an arm.

6. Connection to daylight – sunlight is essential for healing. We are designed to use the light of the day to complete our tasks and designed to expose our skin to it. Sunlight or daylight is just as essential to survival as food, warmth and shelter. Light can also physically and mentally energise us. Light your home as naturally as you can when dusk falls by lighting candles and using amber light bulbs.

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