‘Having children mindfully or consciously’ with Sharon Agtes

December 7, 2011

I was joined in the studio on my Drive show on Phoenix FM by Psychotherapist, Sharon Agates, who specialises in working with women in need, who are ‘broken’ and overwhelmed by their destructive emotions and ‘toxic’ thinking. Sharon works with women as they transform their hearts and minds back to clarity and health. For the past 20 years Sharon has been working within the bereavement service, domestic violence and child abuse service. She is highly qualified in Psychology, Human Dynamics, Self-development, Cellular Healing and the realm of spirituality. She also obtains much credibility due to her life experiences. To listen to our discussion on having children with careful contemplation first, click the link below to my Phoenix FM Drive show blog and click ‘Chatting to local Psychotherapist..’


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